Nankang NS-2R
Nankang NS-2R

Nankang NS-2R

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50% Track / 50% Road.

A fantastic all round performance road and track day tyre. 

Contact us for a competitive quote on any size of Nankang NS-2R with next day, free shipping anywhere in the UK (subject to stock status). . 

After multiple years of success in club motorsport across the UK and Europe, the NS-2R has found itself as a highly recommended track day tyre

As used over the years by championships such as: BMW Compact Cup, MaX5, Civic Cup, M3 Cup and in open tyre series

The NS-2R is not the fastest tyre on the grid however it is one of the most consistent performers, a true endurance option

NS-2R also boasts great wet performance so users have the confidence that the tyre will perform as well as a road tyre as it will on track

The NS-2R has achieved EU tyre labelling giving it MSA List 1B approval

NS-2R with "MOTORSPORT USE ONLY" are only for use on race/track/competition/closed road events. They are not EU labelled as they are a softer compound (120/100/80TW)

Optimum camber settings between -1.0 to -3.0 degrees

HOT Pressure settings

<800kg  23 - 27.5psi

800-1000kg  24 - 32psi

1,000-1,400kg  27.5 - 37psi

1,400kg>  34 - 42psi

COLD Pressure settings

As above but use the highest stated figures by weight for your cold pressures. For example <800kg use 27.5 psi and work your way down after warm up laps.

Road Pressure settings

Use the car manufacturers guidelines.

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