VBOX LapTimer

VBOX LapTimer

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VBOX LapTimer is a 25 Hz GNSS data logger and predictive lap timer display in one. It provides instant driver feedback, helping you find where time is being lost and where time can be gained around a track.

VBOX LapTimer compares your previous best lap to your current lap based on position rather than distance, which is far superior on longer tracks. In addition to the Delta Time display, VBOX LapTimer features an array of 6 LEDs to give an indication of your speed relative to your fastest lap.

Data is logged to the SD card for post session analysis in our free Circuit Tools software, which is compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Display Modes

  • Live Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Lap Count
  • Lap Timing
  • Predictive Lap Timing
  • Lateral G
  • Longitudinal G


  • Data logging to the supplied SD card at 25 times per second
  • Durable Billet Aluminium casing
  • 6x RGB LEDs to indicate live Delta time
  • Easy operation buttons
  • Internal Accelerometer which flips the display according to the way it is mounted

Whilst VBOX LapTimer is a standalone GPS data logger, it can be used in conjunction with VBOX Video HD2 (requires HD2 firmware 1.3.81 or later) which then eliminates the requirement of using two antennas. Should you wish to use VBOX LapTimer with a video logger, you will also need to order the relevant cable (RLCAB122).

Please check the VBOX Motorsport website or Data sheet for additional information.

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