VBOX Video HD2
VBOX Video HD2
VBOX Video HD2
VBOX Video HD2
VBOX Video HD2
VBOX Video HD2

VBOX Video HD2

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VBOX Video HD2 is the ultimate video data logging system designed for those looking to improve lap times and achieve greater consistency while driving. This system is ideal for motorsport enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a range of high-tech features.

  • 1080p30 HD Video: The system is equipped with two camera inputs, offering a main view and a picture-in-picture display. The wide angle lenses ensure that every moment of track action is captured in stunning high definition. It records video at 30 frames per second directly to an SD card or USB flash drive.
  • CAN Data Logging: VBOX Video HD2 is compatible with any dash or ECU that outputs CAN, so you can log up to 80 channels of vehicle CAN data, such as throttle angle, RPM, or brake pressure.
  • HDMI Output: Stream real-time video and audio to any HDMI-compatible monitor, recorder, or streaming device like LiveUSolo. This feature is perfect for broadcasting live motorsport events on TV or social media and provides instant feedback for race teams.
  • Camera Alignment: Use the accompanying app on Android or iOS devices for precise tuning of camera orientation and displays real-time camera output on your mobile device.
  • Customisable Graphics: Real-time, high-definition graphics overlays offer extensive customization options for dashboard and gauge layouts. Several default scenes are available, but you can also create your own to suit your specific needs.
  • Auto-Track Map: The internal 25 Hz GNSS receiver recognizes the racetrack you are driving and automatically configures the track map and lap timing.
  • No data loss: Automatic recording, a pre-record buffer and internal power backup ensure that you capture absolutely all the race action.

Option 1 (RLVBVDHD2H-1)

  • HD2 data logger
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Roll cage camera mount
  • Un-terminated in-car power cable
  • GNSS Antenna
  • 32 GB SD card
  • HDMI cable

Option 2 (RLVBVDHD2H-2)

  • Same as option 1 but with two cameras and mounts

Option 3 (RLVBVDHD2H/D)

  • Contents of Option 2
  • OLED Display (black)

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