Hype takes part in the transition to a low carbon future

Together with ClimatePositive, Hype mitigates all its track and event day emissions

What is ClimatePositive ?

ClimatePositive is an environmental label that counterbalances the carbon footprint left by corporations and individuals.

The label encourages responsible and sustainable consumption, making you feel proud to share your commitment. Backed by the world’s leading pioneers in low-carbon and audited annually by PwC, it invests into a broad range of emissions reduction projects, certified by the highest environmental standards, hitting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

How do these projects make an impact

ClimatePositive partners with projects in local communities
to develop solutions which provide sustainable economic growth while protecting and preserving limited and vulnerable natural resources.

These projects impact
strongly the climate, local communities and biodiversity.

Our track day experiences go beyond carbon neutrality

Hype Motorsport is partnering with ClimatePositive to deliver the original environmentally friendly track day experience. Our event emissions include our company’s travel, accommodation and electricity, as well as guest’s racing, travel and accommodation.

Each event emits around 1.6 tonnes of CO2, and we allow for another 25% emissions to give back more to the environment than we are responsible for.

To promote environmental commitment, Hype offers all clients the ClimatePositive car badge to compensate their personal road car emissions.

Badges are arranged at booking for all registered drivers on our Hype Drive events or Track Car rental.

Benefits of the car badge

The ClimatePositive car badge enables individuals and corporations to compensate their car’s CO2 emissions and showcase their commitment to the world.

- No strenuous emission calculations as we’ve done them for you

- Strict carbon calculations audited by PwC

- Support impactful climate solution projects reducing poverty, hunger and inequalities

- Trust your impact with the highest verified projects

- Compensate 25% more than your car emits

- Share your impact proudly by sticking the badge on your car

Become ClimatePositive with Hype

If you are not driving with Hype or have multiple vehicles that you would like to be ClimatePositive, you can purchase your badge here.

Don’t listen to us, listen to them

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