More than anything, Hype Motorsport believes in the value and power of great experiences. Whether you’re a track day veteran or a thrill-seeking newbie, we want your day to be wholly enjoyable and totally hassle-free – we worry about the detail so that you don’t have to! To keep it nice and simple, you just book, get excited, turn up and drive. 

You’ll soon discover that we are absolutely dedicated to performance. The performance of our awesome track cars, each of which offers a very different driving dynamic; the performance of our customers, from whom our professional instructors extract the absolute maximum; the performance of our business, a UK-first operator of sustainably-run track days and events.  

They say that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and we’re a fan of that too. Our fleet of three expertly-prepared track cars are all very different beasts – the Alpine A110S has sensational poise and balance, the Porsche Cayman GTS delivers impulsive true-to-nature mid-engine handling and power, and the BMW M2C...well...let's just say it’s got a rogue attitude that demands respect! 

Warmly appreciated by our customers is the fact that our instructors are all bona fide racing drivers. They’re not wannabees or former part-time enthusiasts – they are young, upcoming, ambitious REAL racing drivers who have little respect for the red line rev limiter but a huge amount of respect for the track, its dangers and (thankfully) our customers. What this means is that you’re in safe hands – very fast hands, granted, but definitely safe ones. 

Off track – and on it – the professional presentation of the Hype Motorsport brand tells you all you need to know about what you can expect from a track day experience with us. We are thorough, well-disciplined and highly-organised; we are dynamic, inspiring and intriguing; we are brave, loud and energetic! There’s a lot of words here but this truly is what we’re all about. 

And we’re not just any kind of track day company because we are ClimatePositive. And that’s unique. When you participate in a Hype Motorsport event, the gift pack you’ll receive includes a coveted green badge from our partners at ClimatePositive – which means wholly offsetting (and more) the CO2 emissions of your road car for an entire year. Track days that don’t cost the earth...literally. 

In summary then, a Hype Motorsport track day is everything you’d want and more – we challenge you to think of anything we’ve missed! We provide the cars, fuel, maintenance, insurance, professional tuition (if desired), helmet with in-car comms, merch and ClimatePositive CO2 badge. And did we mention that we're also providers of phenomenal racetrack experiences for everyday guys and gals? What’s not to love?