Croft circuit

One of the more Northern venues, Croft offers an airfield based circuit with some of the most fun sections of track anywhere to be found.

The recently upgraded club house is a huge improvement and along with the fast and committed circuit, this is a venue to experience and enjoy.

Just one layout which is shared with some of the bigger race events such as BTCC, the lap of Croft is predominantly quick with the final bends being an technically challenging section of slow corners and hairpin

A fine venue to enjoy track days and corporate events at, check out the upcoming Croft track day dates, or contact us if you can't find a suitable date and we will provide alternatives. 

Location: Croft Circuit, Croft-on-Tees, Darlington, DL2 2PL

Layout options: Croft (2.1m)

Garages: Yes

Pro's: Fast and flowing on track, with a great new clubhouse off track.

Con's: Limited days due to tight noise restrictions.

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