oulton park circuit

Nestled within the beautiful Cheshire countryside, the Oulton Park circuit offers an old school driving experience with all the modern features and facilities of a modern venue. The track is a driver’s favourite, with crests, cambers, double apexes and dips to attack and enjoy.

Track days usually run on the International layout although a shorter Island layout is also available. Oulton Park is one of the best venues in the North to get on track with easy access from the North West – can also
work well as a double header track event with the equally incredible Anglesey.

A first-class motorsport venue to enjoy track days and corporate events at, check out the upcoming Oulton Park track day dates, or contact us if you can't find a suitable date and we will provide alternatives. 

Location: Oulton Park Circuit, Little Budworth, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 9BW

Layout options: International (2.7m) Island (2.2m)

Garages: Yes

Pro's: Stunning setting and equally good to drive, a must to visit.

Con's: There’s a short walk across the paddock from the garages to the restaurant.

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